So Hot I Could Fry an Egg!

Yes, it was indeed 104 degrees just outside our nation’s capital last Friday afternoon, before the big storm that left hundreds of thousands of us without power for days. Some people are still without power! The powers that be stated that the heat index that day, which is what the air feels like, clocked in at 111 degrees!

At those number, it’s neither safe, nor comfortable for most people to be outside. But, that didn’t stop Little Miss J. from plopping a frying pan coated with butter on the side walk and cracking an egg inside … our kid-sized version of myth busters.

Unfortunately, we started the experiment quite late in the day, after the most intense heat was somewhat cooled by the afternoon shade. Although the egg didn’t quite fry, it parts of it did turn white. Had we started the project in the morning, I’m confident we would have seen a more dramatic result.

Just one more way to connect kids with nature and make the most of a super hot day!

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