Book Review: The Green Book

The Green Book

The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time

Looking for a way to green-up the way you and your family live your lives? The Green Book is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to take small steps to have a positive impact on the environment.

It offers oodles of examples of things that you can do in your everyday life to reduce waste. Each chapter focuses on a particular topic, like shopping, school, money and finance, communication and technology, home, travel, exercise and more.

Chapters begin with a “big picture” look at a topic, then offer some simple steps you can take and little things you can do to have a “positive planetary impact.” Each chapter ends with commentary from different celebrities about things they do in their own lives to have a positive impact. The celebrity commentary I could do without, but I do appreciate their potential influence with some — and in this arena, the more voices singing this song the better.

Some specifics … In covering each topic, the book offers very specific suggestions on what one can do differently, from very small things, like buying cotton swabs made with paper spindles vs. plastic and using pet collars and leashes made of organic canvas vs. nylon, to larger purchases, like buying a laptop instead of a desktop computer or buying linoleum flooring vs vinyl. It also explains the ‘why’ behind the recommendations and the potential impact the purchases can have.

The book ends with more than 50 pages of web-based references organized by chapter making to easy to delve even further into topics of particular interest.

The Green Book is a quick read and is really inspiring. It offers a great place to start on a quest to live a more “green” life and may offer some additional tips and resources for those who are well on their way. Because it’s presented in such digestible chunks, it’s a great book to read to or with kids in small doses. My children quote from it on a regular basis. The book contains something for everyone and is a wonderful way to get the whole family thinking and being green.

Pick up a copy today. Or, better still, borrow a copy from your local library. Though, I must admit, I like having my own copy on hand for reference.

What tips, tools or resources can you share for greening-up one’s life?

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