Eco-Active Family — Activated!

This blog is about one family’s quest to move beyond eco-friendly into the realm of eco-activity. What does it mean to be eco-active?

While we’ve long been an eco-friendly family, in recent years we come to realize how much of an impact just one family can have on our environment. It starts with one person, and that person’s efforts have an impact on those who surround that individual.

Upon becoming a parent, the responsibility for living an environmentally conscious life became even more imperative. As a mother of three children ages six and under, I’ve raised my consciousness to a whole new level and the kids are active participants.

Being eco-active means actively seeking opportunities to have an impact. Conducting research, sharing information and connecting with a larger community are all part of being eco-active. Subscribe to this blog to learn more about one families efforts to live more eco-active lives and perhaps embark on a quest of your own.

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