Organic Garden at the White House?

I don’t usually read the food section of the Washington Post (I’m food challenged), but an interesting article caught my eye this morning. It’s about the effort to bring gardening back to the White House grounds (even more specifically, organic gardening this time around). I’d heard of this effort in passing, but this lengthy article paints a more complete picture. It describes the two people leading this effort and their journey in bringing this vision forth. It also recalls past efforts like this over the years.

I think the goal is a wonderful one, though I can appreciate the costs and security challenges that might be involved. But my, what a powerful example it could be! I’m looking forward to the follow up article in tomorrow’s home section about what it might take to make this happen.

We tried our hand at gardening last year using a rented plot at our oldest daughter’s school. A steep learning curve and lack of time for watering and weeding, however, meant our pickings were non-existent; though we did get a pretty flower or two. But, we did learned a few things in the process and were able to harvest lost of worms for our compost pile, which we hope to put to use when we attempt a garden again this spring.

So, how about you … Do you garden (in season) and eat what you grow? Do you buy locally grown foods? Participate in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program?

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