Re-Charge It, Please!

We all use batteries in our homes and offices to power everything from flashlights and smoke detectors to remote controls and children’s toys. And, while most people know that batteries should be disposed of differently than regular trash, many don’t take the extra steps to do so. This means that oodles of discarded batteries end up in landfills. When the protective battery casings are cracked or disintegrate in the landfills, they leech harmful chemicals into the environment.

Admittedly, we need batteries for our numerous portable devices, toys, etc. so, what can we do:

  1. Switch to rechargeable batteries. Seems obvious, right? But, many people are unaware of the potential dangers of improperly discarded batteries, so they continue to buy non-rechargeables, especially since their counterparts are more expensive. But, we have to stay focused on the bigger picture! To the end, check out Eneloop batteries. Eneloops can be recharged 1,000 times and, once charged, can hold most of that charge for a whole year while awaiting us! So, the economics work out before too long at all.
  2. Properly dispose of used batteries. Bring them to your local electronics recycling center. Some electronics stores, like Best Buy, have in-store recycling programs for certain items and host electronics recycling events at their locations. Some post offices in the DC metro area have free, postage-paid envelopes that can be used to mail small electronics to a pre-designated recycling center.
  3. Make smart choices on the front end. Does your child really need that multi-battery-powered plaything or is there a more earth-friendly (and ear-friendly) option? Pause before you purchase.

Have a good source for affordable rechargeable batteries? Have a good way to keep track of used up batteries vs. those ready to recharge or recycle? Please share!

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